Academic Program Review

Arizona Board of Regents Policy 2-208:  Academic Program Review

The purpose of academic program review is to examine, assess, and strengthen programs.
The areas in which program quality are evaluated include, but are not limited to:

  • quality of educational programs, including an assessment of student outcomes,
  • quality of research, creative activity, or scholarly work,
  • quality of outreach activities and service to the University, the profession, and the community,
  • contribution or importance of the program to other campus programs, and
  • potential and future expectations for the program. 

The review is intended to enhance the quality of a program and to assist in determining a program’s ability to respond to future challenges and opportunities; to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and thus, determine future priorities; and to aid in shaping the program’s development plan.

APR Procedure Manual 2016 (pdf)  Clinical Procedure Manual 2016 (pdf) Academic Program Review Orientation (pdf)

APR Appendix G (docx) APR Appendix H (docx)


Assessment at the University of Arizona               HLC Assessment Plan (pdf)     HLC Assessment Monitoring Report (pdf)

Peer Review of Teaching Protocol                        Teacher-Course Evaluation      Assessment Clear and Simple

Example of Excellent APR Self-Study (pdf)           Example of Excellent APR Self-Study Appendix (pdf)

Peer Institutions for the University of Arizona       Association of American Universities       Seven-Year APR Schedule

Academic Program Review Management Team

Office of the Provost
Gail Burd
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
626-4099 |
Kat Francisco
Executive Associate to the Senior Vice Provost
626-4099 |
Office of Instruction and Assessment
Debra Tomanek
Associate Vice Provost for Instruction & Assessment
621-7380 |
Ingrid Novodvorsky
Director for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
626-4187 |
Office of Academic and Curricular Affairs
Celeste Pardee
Assistant Director, Academic Policies and Organizations
Ph. 621-5375, Fx. 621-1008 |
University Analytics & Institutional Research
Simran Nirh
Senior Director for Business Intelligence
626-0771 |
Ravneet Chadha
Program Manager for Business Intelligence
626-1097 |

Angela Baldasare
Assistant Provost
626-2885 |

Tyson Silver
Assistant Director