Academic Program Review

Arizona Board of Regents Policy 2-208:  Academic Program Review

The purpose of academic program review is to examine, assess, and strengthen programs.
The areas in which program quality are evaluated include, but are not limited to:

  • quality of educational programs, including an assessment of student outcomes,
  • quality of research, creative activity, or scholarly work,
  • quality of outreach activities and service to the University, the profession, and the community,
  • contribution or importance of the program to other campus programs, and
  • potential and future expectations for the program. 

The review is intended to enhance the quality of a program and to assist in determining a program’s ability to respond to future challenges and opportunities; to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and thus, determine future priorities; and to aid in shaping the program’s development plan.

APR Procedure Manual 2015 (pdf)  Clinical Procedure Manual April 2015 (pdf)  

APR Procedure Manual 2016 (pdf)  Clinical Procedure Manual 2016 (pdf) Academic Program Review Orientation (pdf)

APR Appendix G (docx) APR Appendix H (docx)


Assessment at the University of Arizona               HLC Assessment Plan (pdf)     HLC Assessment Monitoring Report (pdf)

Peer Review of Teaching Protocol                        Teacher-Course Evaluation      Assessment Clear and Simple

Example of Excellent APR Self-Study (pdf)           Example of Excellent APR Self-Study Appendix (pdf)

Peer Institutions for the University of Arizona       Association of American Universities       Seven-Year APR Schedule

Academic Program Review Management Team

Office of the Provost
Gail Burd
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
626-4099 |
Kat Francisco
Executive Associate to the Senior Vice Provost
626-4099 |
Office of Instruction and Assessment
Debra Tomanek
Associate Vice Provost for Instruction & Assessment
621-7380 |
Ingrid Novodvorsky
Director for Teaching, Learning & Assessment
626-4187 |
Office of Academic and Curricular Affairs
Celeste Pardee
Assistant Director, Academic Policies and Organizations
Ph. 621-5375, Fx. 621-1008 |
University Analytics & Institutional Research
Simran Nirh
Senior Director for Business Intelligence
626-0771 |
Ravneet Chadha
Program Manager for Business Intelligence
626-1097 |

Angela Baldasare
Assistant Provost
626-2885 |

Tyson Silver
Assistant Director